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With over 30 years experience managing and leading trail and fire crews, I have developed a results-based leadership style that emphasizes on-the-job education, mentoring, safety, hard work, and fun.  If your agency or organization has a paid or volunteer trail crew program, I can help you boost efficiency, productivity, and attitude while providing education for your troops that will benefit them for years to come. Here are some of the crew development services I offer:

  •  Introductory Sustainable Trails Training: I offer a one day classroom/field training that covers everything a beginning trail crew member needs to know. The morning is spent in a classroom discussion with a PowerPoint presentation and the afternoon is devoted to a hands-on experiential field training constructing a short section of trail. Topics covered include gear and equipment, safe handling of tools, trail crew organization and efficiency, safety, ethics and expectations, the five components of a sustainable trail, drainage management, effective brushing and pruning guidelines, turn types based on users and terrain, basics of trail layout, and basic trail structures such as turnpikes, puncheons, and trail armoring and hardening techniques.

  • Custom Training: I can custom-tailor a training to suit the needs of your organization. Most trail crews have a high desire to turn out a quality product but lack training and experience in some key tasks. If you have an established trail crew but find they need additional training in certain aspects of train construction and maintenance, I can put together a custom training to give them the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done right.

  • Mentoring: Trail crews commonly develop a "group think" mentality that sometimes compels them to do things counter to their training and experience. Most crews work best when they have an experienced trail dog that works along with them even if it's only for a day or two to show them effective ways to get their job done safely.

  • Project Management: If you're a typical agency or organization, your staff are already stretched thin accomplishing their normal duties and it's hard to dedicate the staff time needed to effectively oversee a trails product. I have a lot of experience managing trail projects. I specialize in remote-site logistics and have the skills to orchestrate your project from conception to completion in a timely, cost-effective fashion. Since every project is so different, please contact me to see if I might be a able to help out.

Please contact to discuss your trail crew development goals.

Mark Gronewald, Owner


Trail Crew Development Services.