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  • At Trailwerx, I believe you shouldn't have to destroy the landscape in order to build a trail through it. I've seen many trail projects that looked like a bomb went off replete with damaged and poorly-pruned trees, large spoil piles blocking drainage, sediment running into streams, unfinished backslopes, and a host of other environmental and safety problems resulting from a lack of planning, poor siting, hasty layout, inefficient construction methods, using too large of equipment and failure to complete the necessary final finish work. That's why I pride myself in my ability to truly integrate the project with the landscape to ensure the trail will enhance, not detract from, the aesthetics, microclimates, and natural drainage patterns of the site. Doing so ensures the trail will be durable, will dry out fast in the spring and after storms, and will continue to provide a safe and enjoyable user experience for many years into the future with only minimal maintenance demands.

  • Where access allows, I prefer to use a blend of mechanized and hand construction techniques. The bulk of the rough-in work is done with heavy equipment followed by a hand finish process. To ensure efficiency, the equipment is sized appropriately to the project, Using too large of machine often requires moving more material then necessary and tends to impart extra collateral damage that needs to be repaired later. I also use a small tracked all terrain loader with a 6-way dozer blade to install tread outslope, sculpt drainage dips and tread crests, and smooth and compact the trail. I follow that with hand finish work to sculpt the backslope, trim branches and roots, disperse any spoil piles, and fine tune the trail's integrated drainage. It's sometimes necessary to import, spread, and compact suitable tread materials. To do this I use mechanized equipment where feasible. Once the natural vegetation becomes re-established - usually after only one year - the trail will blend beautifully with the landscape and will look like it has been there for many years.

  • Trailwerx owns a late model Kubota K008-3 mini excavator, which has proven its worth many times over. It features retractable tracks, allowing access through openings as narrow as 30" (about the width of a bicycle handlebar), facilitating efficient mechanical construction and maintenance of true singletrack-width  trails. Because of its small footprint, it imparts much less collateral damage to the site than larger machines. A huge benefit of this machine is that it's light enough to allow transport to backcountry sites by helicopter, allowing cost-effective trail construction in remote areas. It's also very quiet and fuel-efficient. In addition, I have a 2016 Vermeer S725TX mini skid steer with interchangeable implements including a 6-way dozer blade and materials bucket.

  • I have a 1 ton utility body truck with on-board lockable compartments for all tools, supplies, and equipment. In addition to towing my equipment, it's set up as a heated camper inside, allowing efficient mobilization and on-site housing to all road and marine highway accessible areas of Alaska. 

  • I have extensive experience designing and constructing trail structures such as rock causeways, turnpikes, boardwalks, puncheons, bridges, stairs, and steps. I always attempt to plan and lay out my trails to minimize constructed features, as they add extra construction and long-term maintenance costs. However, in those spots in which they are truly needed, I can provide a cost-effective, safe, and durable solution that will enhance the trail and minimize impacts to the site ecology.

  • I offer a limited one year warranty covering the quality of my craftsmanship. If something comes loose or does not function as planned, I will repair it at my expense. Warranty is limited to labor. Materials may be covered by individual manufacturers' warranties. This warranty does not cover any direct or indirect incidental expenses incurred by the client.

  • The difference between an ordinary trail and a memorable trail lies in the attention paid to detail by the trail builder. With a keen eye for sustainability, functionality and aesthetics, I go to great lengths to build high-quality trails that are not only safe and durable, but blend beautifully with the landscape and provide a very enjoyable user experience. Please feel free to contact me, I am happy to discuss any aspect of your project.


Construction Services.

With extensive experience in trail construction using manual and modern mechanized techniques, ​Trailwerx offers a custom economical solution to suit your unique project requirements and has learned what works and what doesn't in real-world conditions. Please contact me for a free initial consultation and estimate.

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