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Based near Palmer, Alaska, Trailwerx is owned and operated by trails specialist Mark Gronewald. My passion is designing and building recreational trails that are not only fun to use, but are beautiful, low impact, durable and very functional. Because my trails are always designed with sustainability foremost in mind, they provide excellent long term value to my customers.

With over fifteen years trails experience, I have the knowledge and skills needed to move your project smoothly from conception to completion. Trailwerx is licensed (Alaska contractor's license # 39320), bonded and insured in the State of Alaska as a specialty  contractor.

Welcome to the Trailwerx website! Please, feel free to contact me to discuss any aspect of your project plans.


Sustainable Trails

Trailwerx trails are built to last. I use proven sustainable principles: contour alignment, integrated drainage, controlled grades, full bench construction and durable tread materials. I also optimize the trail's placement on the terrain so that the trail has a long use season and will dry quickly in the spring and after rainfall.

 Fun Trails

A fantastic trail satisfies. Trailwerx trails feature playful, sinuous, undulating layouts that highlight the aesthetic features and natural environment of the site. I also incorporate natural gateways, anchors and chokepoints to make the trail blend and fit well with its landscape while providing a safe, yet challenging user experience.